About Us

About The Farmer!!


Do you want to provide healthy food for your family that will make them all feel Better? Well that is possible!


Abner Lapp is the Farmer at Clearview Farm, and he has 9 Hard-working Children from the age of 3-22.


As an Amish Family they don't use much technoology, and don't use much Moderns machines. They don't drive vehicles or own cell Phones, but rather they drive horses with the Buggy, and use Horses to do the field work!


They also don't use much electric, most of their engines run by Gas or Propane. And they Beleive that working hard is the best way to make a living.


The Amish Lifestyle is known as a Peaceful, Old-style way of life. And there are amazing things that the Amish do and don't do. You can find more info about them online! 


So 19 Years ago Abner decided that he wants to sell Raw Milk and Yogurt, and thru the years it has expanded, and he now offers a complete list of food! Browse all products in Products Tab!