Missed the Order Deadline, but want to place an order?

Hey, Have you totally forgot about placing your order, and missed the order deadline? No worries at all!


Gideon wants to have your order, and is very Willing to place the order for you. Just email Gideon at Abnerlapp@gmail.com, and give your complete order, and your pickup location, and Gideon will be more than happy to place the order for you.


If you place the order before too late, we may be able to do it without any extra late fee. If the order is very late, we may add $5-10 for rushing the order.


Gideon is very happy to help you with any questions or problems. Just send him an email, or call him on his Cell. 717-824-0537.


Thank you for your time.

Have a blessed day!

Gideon Lapp Abnerlapp@gmail.com

Last updated Mon Nov 30 2020