Covid-19 Notice 3/17/2020: To assist our farms in this difficult period, My Real Foods will suspend all fees for March and April, 2020.

Farm Software that Doesn't Follow the Flock

You don't follow the herd, and neither should your sales software. has been a leader and innovator in the farm direct-sales and delivery movement for over a decade. If you are a farmer or manager of a food hub, give David a shout at! Or keep reading below for details...

My Real Foods is an online sales and scheduling service for farms, food hubs, buying clubs, and greenmarket managers.


Many people are staying at home and cooking with fresh farm foods. In many areas, large gathering places such as Greenmarkets are closed. We can help your farm to reach customers with online sales that you deliver to private dropsites.

Twelve Year Anniversary! 2008-2020

Our innovative sales and delivery scheduling website has supported farms and delivery clubs since 2004. ...yet continuously improved as farmers' needs have grown.

You've heard about Myrealfoods, so what's the buzz about? Our farm clubs operate similar to a local CSA, but customers place individual orders for a delivery schedule created by you on your custom calendar. We give you the tools to customize your sales and delivery operation to the Nth degree...

  • Farm (you upload your logo and photos), delivery sites, delivery schedule, products (and photos), inventory
  • Support for different settings by drop site, such as delivery fee, minimum order size, custom invoice notes, etc.
  • Adjustments BY WEIGHT (since 2013). Simple tools to edit invoice quantities by weight (for meats and cheese, etc.), all calculations automatic
  • Receive credit card payments. Charge the final totals AFTER you make adjustments.
  • Poweful EMAIL engine. Automatic ordering reminders. Target emails by delivery sites and your ROUTES.
  • Aggregation of multiple vendors option
  • Home delivery option
  • Poweful reporting tools. Slice and dice your sales data and import into accounting software.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Very affordable fee (1%) based on your gross sales; We want to grow WITH you. We have some innovative systems to help your sales GROW!

Give us a shout at and I'd love to help you! --David

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Current local deliveries:


If you are a farmer or food hub manager and wish to learn more about how we can help your sales and delivery operations, please contact us at info(at)

Some of our features:

  • innovative calendar view
  • easy product browsing
  • food hubs / vendor aggregation
  • email notices to your customers by dropsite
  • pick/harvest lists
  • receive credit card payments with Paypal
  • mapping your dropsites
  • inventory control
  • photos and descriptions for each product
  • reports on your sales for any range of dates
  • friend-referral rewards
  • and much more!

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Easy shopping from mobile or desktop browsers.


Our farms deliver real food to local neighborhood drop locations.


Real food fans, if you would like to host a dropoff site, please ask us, and we'll connect you with a buying club in your area! info(at)


Polly G. in New York City

The MyRealFoods website has made it possible for me to create a Food Club supplying Organic, non GMO food to Families and single people in New York City. The website is simple to manage. When there is a problem it is always easy to get it solved. The ordering system makes it very easy for me to list products in categories and update them on a weekly basis throughout the year, along with the ability to email orders for delivery. I am able to send and receive orders, payments and emails with little effort. All members that use the website find it a lifeline to greater health and good nutrition.

-Polly G in New York City

W.B. in Pennsylvania

MyRealFoods was instrumental in helping my food club set up an online ordering system that was easy for my club members to use, and allowed me to have a consistent way of collecting and tracking orders. I am able to update product and price lists from a wide variety of suppliers with ease. MyRealFoods provided excellent support with creating new reports that I needed to run my club.

-W.B., Food Club Coordinator