About Us

MEADOW RIDGE FARM is simply a food buying club. We are a private membership association, & only members can purchase our products. Members of MEADOW RIDGE FARM are able to purchase grass-fed/grass-finished & pastured meats and "real" 100% A2 milk & dairy products directly from our Amish farmer, who adheres to the practices & principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

We produce traditional, wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that are prepared with organically grown products, and are free of soy, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs! Our cow dairy comes from 100% A2A2 Jersey cows!

We also offer seasonal organically grown fruits & vegetables, fermented foods & drinks, homemade potato chips and baked goods, crispy nuts, Green Pastures Blue Ice oils, natural maple syrup, raw honey, homemade goat milk bar soaps, Shaklee Organic Cleaners, and MUCH MORE!

MEADOW RIDGE FARM delivery sites are located throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusets, Rhode Island, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, & Washington, D.C.