Guidelines & Documents

As members of MEADOW RIDGE FARM we enjoy having access to nutrient-dense grass-fed/grass-finished meats and 100% raw A2 dairy, and traditionally prepared wholesome food products. With that privilege also comes some responsibility.


Members need to be mindful of the generosity of our delivery site hosts. If you are unable to pick up your delivery in a timely fashion, let your site host know.


Farmer Merv likes to recycle as much as possible! Please return glass jars to your site host (do not return the egg cartons or flimsy plastic containers --- they cannot be sterilized & reused). Those items will be picked up by the delivery driver & returned to Merv for reuse.





Meadow Ridge Farm recently integrated a link to PayPal on our online ordering site to streamline the payment process for the benefit of our members & farmer alike.


When a member places an order through our online site, they must click on the “Save/Checkout With Paypal” button to complete the ordering process.  Clicking on that button will redirect the member to PayPal’s site (the Meadow Ridge Farm site has absolutely no access to your financial information --- the entire payment process is conducted through PayPal’s site).  At PayPal’s site you can log into your PayPal account or create an account if you don’t already have one.


When you click on the “Save/Checkout With PayPal” you are merely AUTHORIZING the payment of your invoice at a future date.  No payment is made to Meadow Ridge Farm at that time.  Meadow Ridge Farm will only capture the funds & finalize the payment transaction two days AFTER your order has been delivered.


When picking up your order, remember to also retrieve your PAPER invoice which is located in the brightly-colored plastic envelope housed on the inside lid of one of the coolers.  This paper invoice contains your final total (adjustments may have been made to accurately price meats & cheeses --- these items need to be weighed & priced).


Please review the contents of your order against your PAPER invoice.  Notify us promptly of any errors/mishaps in your order so we can adjust your PayPal total before finalizing your PayPal payment.


To be clear, if you want to place your order through the Meadow Ridge Farm online ordering site you MUST authorize payment of your order with PayPal.


You retain the ability to go back into your pending order & modify it as many times as you like up until the ordering deadline expires.  With each modification you will need to click on the “Save/Checkout With PayPal” tab to authorize the future payment.  Doing so does not create multiple invoices &/or payments. Remember that you’ve only “authorized” the payment, so the system will only capture & charge you for your most recent/updated order (not all the rough drafts that precede it).


If you place your order through our online ordering site and do not authorize payment before the expiration of the online ordering deadline, your order will be deleted from the system & will not be delivered.  


For members who do not want to pay by PayPal, you MUST phone your order in directly to the farm at (717) 530-5999.  You will need to retrieve your paper invoice at the time of pickup.  After retrieving your delivery & paper invoice, you can pay for your order by check or through your bank’s online bill pay service (although the bank must send the farm a paper check with the invoice # noted thereon).  However, your payment must be received by the farm before any future orders will be fulfilled.


Similarly, late orders must be phoned in directly to the farm.  Retrieve your paper invoice at the pickup site & report any mistakes promptly.  You can pay via PayPal by directing your payment to the following email: (please note your invoice # in the “Add a Note” box).


Documents Available for Download
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Club ContractMeadow Ridge Farm Contract.pdf
Home Delivery FAQsHomeDeliveryFAQs.pdf
Member Referral ProgramMemberReferralDocument.pdfThis document explains how members can earn valuable discount credits!
Milk MattersMilkMatters.pdf
Wild Sea Salt BrochureWildSeaSalt.pdf